Never Seek Assistance

By: Dennissa

Apr 01 2010

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Wow, London is such an amazing city. It’s filled with fun people and some very interesting things to see. We took the tubes to shop around the city. Piccadilly Circus was on stop on the map as well as Oxford Street. If you are ever in London you have to go to Topshop! It’s one huge store with loads of clothes. Also we saw Mango, Zara and Bershka (some stores familiar) and coincidentally they were all on the same corner just like at home. That was pretty funny. Coming back to the hotel we had a little problem at the tube station. We have tube cards, Oyster Cards, and they let you in and out of all the tube stations. So we were scanning our cards to leave the tube station when my brother, who was in front of me, scanned his card and it said “seek assistance”. A kind lady behind us said: “oh this happens a lot. Just step back and do it again.” I followed the instructions and it still said the same thing. She scanned her card and it let her through. She waited to see if mine worked. I scanned it again and it kept repeating the same message. The same lady leaned over and said “never seek assistance!”

That phrase really made me think. How often do we seek assistance? We always think we can do it on our own. Sometimes, we really can’t and it’s necessary to seek assistance. Even though the woman told me not to ask for help the only way I could get out of the tube station and to my destination was to ask for help. I finally got out (haha that was kind of obvious since I am writing this now). You may be looking for assistance now, so you can get out and make it to your final destination. Really the only way you are going to get out of that sticky, unfamiliar situation is to ask for assistance. It’s not worth it to not ask.


One comment on “Never Seek Assistance”

  1. You amaze me with your wisdom once again! I am so excited to be getting these updates from your trip! I am taking notes so when the day comes that I finally make it to London, I will know all the right things to do and see! Love you guys!!!

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