By: Dennissa

Apr 03 2010

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Things that happen unexpectedly are the best. I was walking around in my new favorite store, topshop, which in on Oxford Street and I turned around to look at a skirt and saw a girl who looked familiar. I leaned over to my brother and mom and said: “that girl looks like Selena Gomez”. They had no time to think between the time I confirmed in my head that it was her and walking over to talk to her. coincidentally about ten minutes before my brother asked if he could have his camera from my bag. I walked up to her and asked, “are you Selena Gomez?” she looked at me a little nervous and said yes. I was pretty stoked and was complimenting her and we took a picture together. It really made me happy because we weren’t really planning on going to Oxford Street today. We also had some setbacks along the way so it was all perfect timing.  

It reminded me that everything happens for a reason and we have to be content about the setbacks. A major setback happened before the topshop fun and if it wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have met Selena Gomez. Sometimes the setbacks can be long and boring or sometimes even negative but if you roll with the punches there is always a reward. I was happy this morning when we could leave earlier but if that didn’t happen my day wouldn’t have played out like it did. We have to be patient every moment and have to learn that sometimes there’s some bad or negative stuff that has to happen before we can make it to the positive. If you feel setback hold on tight because the blessing or exciting something is coming soon.


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