By: Dennissa

Apr 04 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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It’s so funny how we all develop routines. We all have a morning routine which plays a role in our daily routine. I am a planner so these routines really get done so the rest of my day can play out smoothly. I was noticing that even when our environments change our routines and habits stay the same. At my house in Bogotá, the bathroom light switch is once you get in the door on the left, in our hotel the light switch is before you get into the bathroom. It makes me laugh because every time I go to turn on the light it’s not there because I am used to the light being somewhere else. I was thinking the other day, these habits and routines we have, sometimes, need to change. If we get stuck doing the same thing we are going to get stuck with the same result. I know I am only talking about a light switch but every time I go to the bathroom I am in the habit of putting my hand to the left,  it’s not there and I know it’s not but I still do it. We have habits because we have routines, I am not saying throw your habits and daily life schedules out the door, I am saying sometimes we have to stop putting our hand to left because there’s nothing there. We aren’t going to get the same result if we are in a different place. If you have been doing the same routine and it works for you, keep at it, but if you aren’t satisfied with your life’s routine then change it.


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