Happy ResurrectionDay!

By: Dennissa

Apr 05 2010

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Double bonus for you, you get two blog posts in less than twenty-four hours! I am so sorry I didn’t say Happy Easter.

Anyway, on to the subject of Easter. I went to Hillsong Church London yesterday and it was completely amazing. They had this amazing production in the Dominion Theater (where they have their services every week). It seriously was the most memorable Easter service I have ever been to, and think about this I have been going to church for almost seventeen years. (haha I have always wanted to say something like that). Hillsong’s production brought the story of the death of Jesus and the Resurrection to a new level. I have seen it done many times and have loved those times. This service was a modern take on a very relevant story. The story of Jesus can’t be taken lightly. Sometimes the rerun of the Resurrection story waters it down for me, but this service turned that view upside down. The production started off with the devil and not going to lie to you it was pretty freaky. Then it moved on to the fall of the earth. The production showed in life performance, video, dance and music. The story of Jesus came into play when these people came on stage all posed, frozen. On the screen behind them, it showed a mug shot of them. Once three people’s mug shots came on-screen I realized they were the disciples. Each one danced after his mug shot was on the screen. It was amazing! The crucifying of Jesus was done in an intense way. They nailed him to a cross with the craziest sound effects. The whole story in  between was very modern and done in a very real way. Lives were changed and I was glad to be sitting in that theater.


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