I have the best mom

By: Dennissa

May 03 2010

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Camera:FinePix S1000fd

This was taken from my mom’s blog

Heated Fellowship

a.k.a arguing in a Christian home!

So last night there was definitely some heated fellowship going on in my home.  I know it happens everywhere, as humans it cannot be avoided.  However, here’s the kicker-we had just returned from church AND we had a guest in our home!  YIKES-you’d think we’d save the arguing for another time!  But not in this case.  The topic of such heated fellowship? The computer. Sometimes I think that it’s a tool from Satan!  In the last week it has been a real source of contention and I have nicknamed it the “life sucker”, as recently it has sucked the life out of us!!!

I really do not like arguing and yelling and try hard to eliminate it from my life.  I think that no one hears anything when a voice is raised and nothing positive comes from arguing.  I do enjoy discussions and problem solving which actually move us in a forward direction.

I have to say that last night I decided to try a different approach during our “heated fellowship”.  I held on to my peace and spoke the truth in love, and died to self.  I will have to say it worked out well.  It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, what matters is the amount of love you use in such situations.  It felt so much better to let go and let God than it would have felt to be acknowledged for being right.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of heated fellowship, do it with respect and honor and a quiet voice!


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