By: Dennissa

Aug 08 2010

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Friday: The movers arrived on time and what seemed like they were ready to go. But there were, of course, some complications. The movers didn’t bring a truck to transport the boxes from my apartment to the area where the airplane/boat would be taking off. After I heard this I thought to myself, “How do movers not bring a truck to MOVE our stuff?” But that was just me. Once they finally got on their way of packing the stuff they seriously inspected every item they packed, at first it was funny but then it just got ridiculous because it took them a whole nine hours to pack a not even full apartment. Once the night approached the mood lightened because friends started showing up. We all laughed because of the blank house and the pile of boxes. One of my friends suggested that we build a fort, sadly we didn’t. But I did wrap myself in brown packing wrap, now that is what I call fun. You know you’re a child who moves a lot when you can easily make friends with the movers and when you think it’s fun to jump on the scale that weighs the boxes. Plus you think it’s a hoot to wrap yourself in the packing paper or try to fit in a box. To wrap up Friday, let’s just say it ended with a substancial amount of tears and a short night sleep.

Saturday: Up before the sun. The driver was waiting downstairs before five o’clock in the morning. (My dad thinks it’s the greatest thing to fly so early in the morning, the rest of us, not so much.) It was weird to hop on ONE plane and be at our destination, usually there’s a layover and another flight but not this time. Houston is lovely so far. We found an outback and ate Queensland salads. You know you’ve been out of the United States too long whenever you lean over to your family and say “look that couple is speaking English.” Of course they are speaking English, Dennissa, this is the USA.


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