My Lack of Posting

By: Dennissa

Oct 16 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Lately I have been extremely busy, of course that’s no excuse. To think that three months ago I was typing on this very computer but from a whole other country. I am still in  a state of shock that I, Dennissa Young, used to live in Bogota, Colombia. My mind is still blown that I have now moved to Houston, Texas, lived in a hotel, lived in a town house, and now (finally) I am in a home. We are official Texans now. (Well not exactly, I haven’t bought my cowboy boots yet…..bummer.) I am surprised that I have been able to uphold and sustain the recent changes. I might add that it has definitely not been easy. To be quite honest, it has taken a toll on my emotions, on my shoulders and on my heart. I have learned some interesting things about myself and have experienced some “out of character” moments (those moments have kind of shocked me). On top of all this move, another big change came and has been resignating  in my heart. The transition of my brother moving to college. That was a tough one, an issue that I am still dealing with. It’s so funny how you don’t know how much a person means to you until they are gone. My brother, Spencer, is my source of inspiration, my safe haven, and one of the people that I look up to. Recap: I moved from another country, readjusted to living in the States, started my senior year, lost my self in a sense, visited “home” (or the people that make up home), thought about it, found myself and now I am writing this post. [Side bar, in AP English we are reading Life of Pi and we were discussing it. The other day, one girl in my class said how sometimes we don’t write things down because we are reliving them and it’s too painful to do it all again and have it on paper. I was thinking about that and that’s why I have been making excuses not to blog or photograph. So since I have realized that it is time to get back into the swing of things!] I know this has been a random, funky, intense(-ish) post but I just want you to know that you should start checking back daily for some food for thought and for some eye candy (photographs).


2 comments on “My Lack of Posting”

  1. I LOVE Life of Pi 🙂 It is one of my favorite books.

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