By: Dennissa

Oct 26 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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Have you ever thought about how much stuff you have? Seriously, I have so much stuff, anywhere from old receipts to stuffed animals, church bulletins to glow in the dark stars. I have a lot of random, pointless junk. In the course of 17 years I have unpacked about eight or nine times. Even though I move often, I acquire, save and hoard a lot of stuff. I love to organize and purge. I have unpacked a good amount of boxes today and came across stuff I don’t need: old coloring books that are blank, some lollipops (I might add that they were stuck to something else….yuck), things like homemade jewelry and a sponge. The way that the movers compile unlikely items together always cracks me up.

Are you surprised by the things you keep?


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