10 Life lessons my family reminded me of this Christmas

By: Dennissa

Dec 31 2010

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Here is a post from my brother, Blane.

I usually don’t use the term “Life Lessons” but I thought I would rock the old-school, 90s homeschool lingo for my mom. I love you!

1. Life is more than productivity and efficiency. These concepts are important but too often we (yeah, I am talking to myself here) have forgotten about rest, waiting and patience.

2. Living life without relationships is not really living life at all. I know this. And I knew this before this trip but I was reminded of it as we stayed up so late watching movies that we all fell asleep in the living room.

3. If you decide to life a fast-paced, high-stress life – make sure that you believe in your cause. I love working for a local church that is making a difference in the community and around the globe.


4. It is important to surround yourself with people that love you despite your accomplishments and accolades. This is really special. It’s not that these people don’t care about what you’ve done or what you’re doing, it’s that when it comes to love, they don’t care. And that is refreshing.

5. That I should use social media to stay more connected in between the Holiday visits. Between Skype and Facebook, one of my goal’s for next year is to stay connected. When I was in college and my parents lived in South America, we had family board game night over Skype!

6. If you don’t know how to relax (which I don’t think I am good at yet), then you miss out on a lot. I am still trying to find leisure activities that I enjoy. On the top of my list right now are: movies and TV. Yeah, I gotta get of the couch (or start going to the theater).

7. Laughter is the best medicine. Second are Tums of course.

8. The memories that you make as a family ultimately shape you. My family is the reason I am the second funniest person in America.

9. Familial relationships, like any, take work but when you invest, they have the most rewarding return. I have to remember that everyone in my family has a different personality and approaches life differently. Yet, when I take the time to connect with them their way, it is sweet.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else does.



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