The things that keep you going

By: Dennissa

Oct 31 2011

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Since starting college, I have had this one friend that has always been there for me. We met because we both had Forever 21 tops on and TOMS. We both had the same studio advisor and we became friends instantly. It was such a great connection to have. We started becoming package deals to enter into classes and we haven’t really left each others sides since that first day at orientation. She is an awesome person and she has kept me going in our Intro to Print class. Her famous line to me is “Hey, just go with it!” it works every time I mess up, make a mark on my paper to print or cut into my wood cut wrong. Chelsey is such an awesome person and I am so thankful for her. She makes Boston homey. So I made this funny piece that I want to turn into sticker art. She inspires me.



One comment on “The things that keep you going”

  1. Dennissa!!! I love you too much! This was so sweet, made me tear up! Meeting you was the perfect way to start my Boston journey, so much fun ahead! We are a perfect little duo, that’s for sure! You inspire me and keep me going every time I have something go wrong…. which is A LOT!!! You are the best! ❤

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