The definition of true friendship

By: Dennissa

Jan 18 2012

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I have recently discovered/realized that everyone doesn’t have the same definition of friendship. A surprising epiphany occurred when I returned to my current “home” in Texas. Being in college for a semester really teaches you who your friends really are. You know what I am talking about, the ones that still text you, video chat you, actually communicate with you on facebook rather than just clicking “like” to a status or picture. Some “friends” think that you are still super close because they glance at your profile now and again and admire, quietly, at what you are up to and your new pictures and all the wonderful things you’ve been doing and posting about. For some that’s enough of a friendship: a one way computer interaction. Well for me that’s not acceptable and not the way that God intended fellowship or friendship. To think in some cultures of the United States people define, with their actions, a friend as someone that you associate yourself with at school or work (a common place/daily mandatory socialization) and whom you only spend minimal time with. To think that these so called friends think that it’s completely okay to gossip and talk behind your back when you have specifically and purposefully confided in them. To me that’s not even right. Romans 12:15 says “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” I would think that this specifically and most definitely applies to friendships.

God has really blessed me with awesome friends throughout my life. I have moved, come and gone and a lot of them have been constant and that to me is a huge blessing. To live in community with friends that believe what you believe and understand you is a feeling that can’t compare. I was excited to give my best friend her Christmas present this year because all she asked of me was to photograph her. It was such a joy for me to do it and it was awesome to give her something that she really wanted. We laughed, we were uncomfortable, and we were serious. It was a fun bonding time for the two of us. I can always share my lives journey with her and to have a friend who doesn’t judge you for your mistakes is a reflection of how Jesus’ love is so big that he can die for us despite our sinful nature. 


2 comments on “The definition of true friendship”

  1. Nessa, this is an awesome and powerful post – I totally agree with you. You summed up a lot in very little.

    • Thank you 🙂 that had been on my mind to say for a while. my writing skills are improving

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