A Church That Fits

By: Dennissa

Feb 26 2012

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I have always loved being in church. There is just something about it that makes my heart smile. As long as I can remember we were usually the first ones in and the last ones to leave. Since moving to Boston, finding a church to attend on Sunday mornings was a little more difficult than I thought. I visited many wonderful churches that just didn’t fit. It wasn’t as if I was trying on churches like clothes, it was just that I wasn’t finding the right fit in the music, the setting, the atmosphere, or the people. But before moving to Massachusetts I did some research on the church scene up here. Some of the websites were super impressive, but there was something about Story Heights Church that made me say to myself “this is going to be my church.” And what can I say, the Holy Spirit had spoken to me just from seeing the website. I went six weeks ago for the very first time and fell in love (not strong like, but love). I never want to leave once I am there. I am officially part of the volunteer team and I am loving every second that I get to spend with my Church Family. From the amazing worship to joyful community, I have found my perfect fit.

(More to come on why we are all wearing bright red shirts and holding cookies, stay tuned)


2 comments on “A Church That Fits”

  1. So, I saw Brandon said you had a cool blog site…had to come check it out for myself! He was right. 🙂

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